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DxO ViewPoint fixes perspective problems in photos taken with wide angle lenses
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Even though nowadays’ photo cameras are more sophisticated and powerful than ever, small issues with the taken pictures might still occur. A common example is panoramic distortions. Photos taken with wide-angle lens are known to be plagued by occasional perspective problems, and these deformed proportions or inaccurate edges are exactly the things that the neat DxO ViewPoint application is meant to fix.

DxO ViewPoint comes as both a standalone application that you can use on its own and as a plugin for famous tools like Adobe Photoshop or Apple Aperture.

DxO ViewPoint is also a rather easy-to-use application that lets you make use of visual tools to accurately define the lines that you want to fix from a photo. The fact that it is also capable of automatically cropping the pictures while maximizing their visible fields will also save the users' precious time when fixing photos with this handy program. More advanced users will surely appreciate the possibility to thoroughly control and fine-tune detailed parameters of the photo fixing functions (such as the cropping data).

Cutting long story short, though DxO ViewPoint can also be used without any problem by casual users, it’s the photographers, both amateur and professionals, that will surely appreciate the qualities of this tool. DxO ViewPoint is a great tool that can make sure that all photos taken with wide-angle lenses are flawless.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can apply corrections directly to RAW image files
  • Intuitive
  • Comes as both a standalone app and as a plugin


  • Rather pricey
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